Daniel Ash
Live at the 9:30 Club, Washington D.C., March 10, 1993. Get Out of Control; Bluebird; Dream Machine; This Love; Closer To You; Roll On; Waiting For the Man (Velvet Underground); The Void; Foolish Thing Desire; Here She Comes; Coming Down Fast; The Hedonist; Gimme' Some Lovin' (Spencer Davis Group). 1 hour 17 minutes (77 minutes).

Live TV compilation (Oxford Road Show - The Passion of Lovers; Riverside - Bela Lugosi's Dead; Kick in the Eye; Top of the Pops - Lagartija Nick; Ziggy Stardust; She's In Parties; Old Grey Whistle Test - The Spy in the Cab; Ziggy Stardust; Video - Peter Murphy & Annie Cox dance to Hollow Hills; New York Bandstand - Kick in the Eye; Interview; Stigmata Martyr; Oxford Road Show - Lagartija Nick; Antonin Artaud. 44 minutes.

Bauhaus/Love and Rockets/Peter Murphy Videos. Love and Rockets - Ball of Confusion; All In My Mind; Yin and Yang (The Flower Pot Man); No New Tale to Tell; Mirror People; Dog End of a Day Gone By; Motorcycle; The Bubblemen Are Coming; Bauhaus (live from Target video)- Bela Lugosi's Dead; In the Flat Field; Boys; A God in An Alcove; Dancing; ???; Telegram Sam; Dark Entries; The Hunger opening; Dali's Car - The Judgement is the Mirror. Peter Murphy - Interview; Final Solution; Interview; All Night Long. 1 hour 42 minutes.

Archive (Lagartija Nick; The Passion of Lovers; Kick In the Eye; A God In An Alcove; Dancing; Hair of the Dog; Stigmata Martyr; Dark Entries; We Love Our Audience; Sanity Assassin). 40 minutes.

Shadow of Light (Bela Lugosi's Dead; Telegram Sam; Rosegarden Funeral of Sores; Mask; Spirit; In the Flat Field; Ziggy Stardust; Hollow Hills; She's In Parties). 40 minutes.

Target Video Live at the University of London (with Chrome) (Bela Lugosi's Dead; In the Flat Field; Boys; A God In An Alcove; Dancing; ???; Telegram Sam; Dark Entries; + Chrome videos). 60 minutes.


Nick Cave
Kings of Independence, August 15, 1987. ~10 minutes.

The Damned
Various live clips, videos and interviews of varying quality. Love Song; New Rose; Neat Neat Neat (Supersonic Show); Smash It Up; Plan 9 Channel 7; Smash It Up (Old Grey Whistle Test); I Just Can't Be Happy Today (Old Grey Whistle Test); I Just Can't Be Happy Today (live); Nasty (The Young Ones); Smash It Up (live); Captain Sensible goes Hendrix; Interview with the Captain; Grimly Fiendish (video); New Music Awards Show - Stranger On the Town, Happytalk; Curtain Call (intro from Rat); I Fall; Blackout; Discoman; I Just Can't Be Happy Today; Plan 9 Channel 7; Gun Fury; Melody Lee; Noise Noise Noise; Love Song; Neat Neat Neat; New Rose; Citadel; Shadow of Love; Anything; Is It a Dream?; Interview with Rat and Dave; Alone Again Or. 2 hours 8 minutes.

Videos: Boys In Town (MTV2); Only Lonely (MTV2); Science Fiction (MTV2); Pleasure And Pain (MTV2); Sleeping Beauty (MTV2); Hey Little Boy (MTV2); I Touch Myself (MTV); Siren Song (Rage); Back To The Wall (Rage); Good Die Young; In My Life; Interview Clip; Love School.
US Festival: Boys In Town.
MTV New Years Eve 1985: Pleasure And Pain; Only Lonely; Sleeping Beauty; Interview.
Night Flight: Interview/video clips.
Short MTV New Year's Eve 1985 interview
Love In Motion video.

Rock 'N' Roll Tonite (Pasadena, ~1983): I'll Make You Happy; Only Lonely; Science Fiction; Siren Song; Elsie; Boys In Town.
Live At the Ritz (Dec. 8, 1985): Boys In Town; In My Life; Sleeping Beauty; Science Fiction; Guillotine Day; Pleasure And Pain; Don't You Go Walking.
US Festival: Boys In Town.
In Concert '91: Make Out Alright; I Touch Myself.

Jesus & Mary Chain
Videos 1985 to 1989: Never Understand; You Trip Me Up; Just Like Honey; Some Candy Talking; April Skies; Kill Surf City; Happy When It Rains; Darklands; Sidewalking; Just Out of Reach; Blues From a Gun; Head On. 45 minutes.


Love and Rockets
Live at the Town & Country Club, London October 15, 1987 (Mirror People; Inside the Outside; No New Tale to Tell; Welcome Tomorrow; Rain Bird; Haunted When the Minutes Drag; The Light; Seventh Dream of Teenage Heaven; Love Me; It Could Be Sunshine; Kundalini Express; Yin and Yang [The Flower Pot Man]; Ball of Confusion; Lazy). 1 hour 15 minutes.

Love & Rockets Live at San Diego State University, July 19, 1989: Bound For Hell; No Big Deal; Motorcycle; I Feel Speed; Dog End of a Day Gone By; Rock and Roll Babylon; American Dream; No New Tale to Tell; No Words No More; Mirror People; The Light?; So Alive; **** [Jungle Law]; Love Me; Kundalini Express; Happy Birthday, Kevin; We've Gotta Get Out of This Place; Interview; Bauhaus playing The Passion of Lovers on The Oxford Road Show; Bauhaus playing Bela at Riverside. 1 hour 41 minutes.

Love & Rockets 2 hour compilation of video clips:
Bound For Hell MTV 120 Minutes clip from 1989
MTV Week in Rock clip
Kevin on 120 Minutes
MTV News clip, 1989
Much Music Interviews, 1988 & 1989
Video - "If There's a Heaven Above"
Teletunes 1988 interview
Steve Blackwell UK MTV clip
MTV clips (saxophone)
Video - "No Big Deal"
LP commercials
Daniel interviewed on Night Flight
UK Newsclip on Ball of Confusion
Daniel Ash 120 Minutes Interview w/ Dave Kendall, 1991
Video - "This Love"
Video - "Walk This Way"
Daniel Ash intro to 120 Minutes
Video - "Here She Comes"
Video - "Out of Control"
Daniel Ash 120 Minutes interview, 1993
1993 Teletunes Interview (2 versions)
Video - "I'll Be Your Chauffeur"
Video - "Candy On the Cross"
L&R on Alternative Nation, Apr. 4, 1996

Love & Rockets Video Clips, Volume 2:
L&R on Alternative Nation, Apr. 4, 1996
L&R on 120 Minutes ~Apr. 8, 1996
L&R on Music Link (Colorado)
L&R on Conan O'Brian Apr. 30, 1996
L&R on Much Music Apr. 30, 1996
L&R on Teletunes
L&R on Teletunes June 22, 1996
L&R on America's Top Ten
L&R on Much Music clips

The Haunted Fishtank: Ball of Confusion; Yin and Yang (The Flowerpot Man); All In My Mind; The Light; No New Tale to Tell; Mirror People; The Dog-End of a Day Gone By; Motorcycle; So Alive; The Bubblemen Are Coming. 46 minutes.

Houston TX, August 11, 1994. 73 minutes.

Mission UK
From Dusk to Dawn: Interviews; (Stay With Me video); Interviews; (Wasteland video). 22 minutes. (On Bauhaus/L&R/PM tape).

Peter Murphy
Cameo Theatre, Miami, Florida, July 25, 1995. ~102 minutes.

Nine Inch Nails
The Pipeline, Newark, NJ, July 18, 1990. ~1 hour.

The Primitives
London Cricketers Arms, 9/11/86 (35). Tracks: She Don't Need You; Really Stupid; I'll Stick With You; Run Baby Run; We've Found A Way To The Sun; Crash; Thru The Flowers; Across My Shoulder; Nothing Left; Where The Wind Blows; Buzz Buzz Buzz; Spacehead; We've Found A Way To The Sun [second]; As Tears Go By; Really Stupid [second]. Note: If this were an audiotape I'd assume the second versions of We've Found... and Really Stupid were from a different show, but the video shows they are clearly from the Cricketers show.

The Ritz, Manchester, England 12/22/89 (61).

Music videos: Crash; Way Behind Me; Secrets; Sick Of It. There is also supposed to be a video of Really Stupid.

Various short TV clips: Thru The Flowers (UK TV); Tracy Tracy MTV interview; Stop Killing Me (Old Grey Whistle Test promo clip); Crash (British Chart Show).

The Residents
Video Voodoo: It's a Man's Man's Man's World; Earth Vs. Flying Saucers; One Minute Movies; Hello Skinny; Excerpt from The Mole Show: Smack Your Lips; Excerpt from Vileness Fats; The Third Reich 'N Roll; Songs for Swinging Larvae. 31 minutes.

Siouxsie & the Banshees
Nocturne (live): Israel; Cascade; Melt!; Pulled to Bits; Nightshift; Sin In My Heart; Painted Bird; Switch; Eve White/Eve Black; Voodoo Dolly; Spellbound; Helter Skelter. 60 minutes.

Once Upon a Time (videos): Hong Kong Garden; The Staircase [Mystery]; Playground Twist; Happy House; Christine; Red Light; Israel; Spellbound; Arabian Knights. 30 minutes.

10,000 Maniacs
MTV Unplugged unedited footage - includes incidental comments between songs. How You've Grown (false start)/How You've Grown; Noah's Dove (false start)/Noah's Dove; These Are Days; Eat For Two; Candy Everybody Wants; I'm Not The Man; Don't Talk; Hey Jack Kerouac; What's The Matter Here; Gold Rush Brides; Like The Weather; Trouble Me; Jezebel; Stockton Gala Days; Because The Night; Let The Mystery Be (with David Byrne) [Iris DeMent song]; Dallas (with David Byrne) [Jimmie Dale Gilmore song]; Jolene; Gold Rush Brides II; Because The Night II; Let The Mystery Be II (with David Byrne); How You've Grown II (false start)/How You've Grown. ~2 hours.