The Primitives
Ocean Blue (Original Version) [Astoria Gig free single 1987]
Nothing Left (First Version) [Sonic Sounds EP 2/Sounds magazine freebie 7" Sept. 1987]
Crash (Again And Again) [Crash Limited 7" 1988]
Crash (Short) [Crash Limited 7" 1988]
I'll Stick With You (live in the studio) [Crash 10" 1988]
Crash (Live In Studio) [Crash 10" 1988]
Things Get In Your Way [Crash 12" 1988]
Out Of Reach (Remix) [Out Of Reach CD single 1988]
Dreamwalk Baby (live) [Out Of Reach 7" 1988]
Really Stupid (live) [Out Of Reach 7"/CD single 1988]
Crash (live) [Out Of Reach 7"/12" 1988]
I Wanna Be Your Dog (live) [Out Of Reach CD single 1988]
Secrets (Demo) [Secrets CD single 1989]
Silent Night [A Lump Of Coal compilation 1991]
Sunpulse [You Are The Way CD single 1991]
In My Dream [You Are The Way CD single 1991]
You Are The Way (September Mix) [You Are The Way 12" 1991]
Under My Spell [Spells CD EP 1991]
Haunted [Spells CD EP 1991]
All The Way Down (live) [Spells 12" 1991]
Way Behind Me (live) [Spells 12" 1991]
Outside (live) [Lead Me Astray 7" 1992]
You Are The Way (live) [Lead Me Astray 7" 1992]
Slip Away (live) [Lead Me Astray 12" 1992]
Earth Thing (live) [Lead Me Astray 12" 1992]
See Thru The Dark (live) [Lead Me Astray 12" 1992]
Stop Killing Me (live) [Lead Me Astray 12" 1992]
Sick Of It (live) [Lead Me Astray CD single 1992]
Give This World To You (live) [Lead Me Astray CD single 1992]
Crash - The '95 Mix [Dumb And Dumber soundtrack 1994]

Starpower (Paul Court)

Turn My World [Turn My World 7" 1995/96]
I Won't Hurt You [Turn My World 7" 1995/96]
Drifter [Drifter 12" 1996/97] with Tracy
Some Velvet Morning [Drifter 12" 1996/97] with Tracy

Pink Bomb (with Tracy)

Indica (Van Gough Radio Mix)
Indica (Vocal Mix Radio Edit)
Indica (Concrete Mix)
Indica (Van Gough Remix)
Indica (Vocal Mix)
Indica (Original Mix)
Indica (Scuff Mix)