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Boys In Town; Only Lonely; Science Fiction; Siren Song; Pleasure And Pain; Sleeping Beauty; Good Die Young; In My Life; Back To The Wall; Hey LIttle Boy; I Touch Myself; Love School; I'm On Your Side; Love In Motion.


US Festival: Boys In Town (3 minutes).

Rock 'n' Roll Tonight: I'll Make You Happy; Only Lonely; Science Fiction; Siren Song; Elsie; Boys In Town (24 minutes).

Australian Made: Only Lonely; Temperamental (time?).

Ritz, New York, December 8, 1985: Boys In Town; In My Life; Sleeping Beauty; Science Fiction; Guillotine Day; Pleasure And Pain; Don't You Go Walking (28 minutes).

MTV New Years Eve 1985 brief interview (2 minutes).

The Ritz, New York, 1986: Pleasure And Pain; Only Lonely; Sleeping Beauty; Interview (12 minutes).

Night Flight profile/interview, with partial clips of Only Lonely, Boys In Town, Science Fiction, Sleeping Beauty, I Touch Myself (8 minutes).

In Concert '91: Make Out Alright; I Touch Myself (10 minutes).

Live at Boggo Road Jail, Brisbane, Australia, July 31, 1993: Boys In Town; I'll Make You Happy; Only Lonely; Guillotine Day; Need A Lover; Open Windows; Love School; Lay Your Body Down; Science Fiction; Temperamental; Sex Will Keep Us Together; Make Out Alright; Bless My Soul; I Touch Myself; Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore; Pleasure And Pain. (86 minutes).