A Brief History of the Band

The Primitives formed in 1985 in Coventry, England, taking their name from a pre-Velvet Underground band. Following the release of their first single, "Thru The Flowers," the band was invited to play on Radio One (sessions that are gathered on the "Bubbling Up" collection). After three more singles on their independent label Lazy the band signed with RCA. In 1988 they released "Lovely," their first full-length album. This major label debut will always be remembered for the infectious single "Crash", although virtually every track on the album is remarkably well-constructed and melodic. 1989 saw the release of "Pure," the band's second album. An extremely solid and innovative release, the album did not receive sufficient promotion. In 1992 the band released their masterpiece, "Galore." Despite its immense potential, the band's third proper album was not destined to be heard in the US market; RCA incomprehensibly failed to release the album in the United States.

First lineup (no recordings issued): Paul Court (guitar), Keiron (vocals), Steve Dullaghan (bass), Pete Tweedie (drums).

Lovely lineup: Paul Court (guitar), Tracy Tracy (vocals), Steve (bass), Tig Williams (drums).

Pure lineup: Paul Court (guitar), Tracy Tracy (vocals), Paul Sampson (bass), Tig Williams (drums).

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Brief History of the Band

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